Thin Crust Pizza

Crispy. Crunchy. Classic.

Deliciously light, satisfyingly crunchy—why not mix things up with one of our Thin ‘N Crispy® pizzas? Pizza Hut's thin crust pizzas have a crispy base & fewer calories than traditional thick crusts. Available with every topping we do, you can have your Thin ‘N Crispy® thin crust pizza your way.

Thin Crust Pizza
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Frequently asked questions

All traditional Pizza Hut pizzas are available in our Thin ‘N Crispy® style as well as Hand Tossed, Original Pan® and Original Stuffed Crust®.

Order a thin crust pizza today online, via the app, or find your nearest store to get your hands on one of our delicious Thin ‘N Crispy® pizzas.

Pizza Hut thin crust pizzas allow you to keep things light! By choosing a thinner crust, you are choosing a lighter option, with Veggie Lover’s® pizza at only 200 calories per slice and our classic pepperoni pizza at 240 calories per slice.

Our thin crust pizza is the thinnest of all of our pizza crusts, using less dough, allowing for a crispier pizza base. With less calories, our Thin ‘N Crispy® pizza is also one of the lightest pizza bases we offer.

Our Pizza Hut thin crust pizzas are perfect for all kinds of pizza lovers for all kinds of reasons. Whether you want a higher topping to dough ratio, a slice with fewer calories, or a pizza with a crispier texture—Pizza Hut's thin crust pizzas could be for you.