Flavors this bold deserve wings this big

With 9 signature sauces and rubs to choose from, we're tossing up the freshest flavors you crave.


Heat level 1 out of 5Garlic parmesan
Heat level 1 out of 5Honey BBQ
Heat level 2 out of 5Buffalo mild
Heat level 2 out of 5Spicy garlic
Heat level 3 out of 5Buffalo medium
Heat level 3 out of 5Sweet chili
Heat level 4 out of 5Buffalo burnin’ hot

Dry rubs

Heat level 1 out of 5Lemon pepper
Heat level 2 out of 5Cajun-style

Wing types

Classic bone-in

Eating these classic, crispy bone-in wings is the easy part. Choosing from Sweet chili, Garlic parmesan, Honey BBQ or our Lemon pepper...well, good luck there.

Breaded boneless

All the wings. None of the work. Get these tasty, 100% all-white meat boneless wings tossed in your favorite sauce.



Crispy & delicious. Get ‘em with or without seasoning.

Lemon pepper

Crispy fries with a bold, zesty kick.

Cajun style

Crispy fries with a spicy, Cajun-inspired kick.

Don’t Skip the Dip®

Dunk those crispy-fried wings in a mouthwatering dip of your choice.


Blue Cheese


Honey BBQ