Learn about Pizza Hut nutrition facts & calorie information.

Looking for complete & accurate nutrition info on your favorite Pizza Hut items? We got you. You can view calorie information for all of our standard menu items directly from our Pizza Menu! For additional information, head to our Nutrition Portal to search our ingredients, browse our full menu nutrition facts, and view food allergy & sensitivity info.

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Find Calorie Information Directly On Our Pizza Menu

Find Calorie Information Directly On Our Pizza Menu

Frequently asked questions

It’s easy to locate calorie information for all standard menu items on the Pizza Hut menu. In addition to the online menu, you can use our Full Menu Nutrition to find out the amounts of calories for each standard item on our menu. Or calculate the total calories of a meal with our nutrition calculator.

Our Visit our Food Allergy & Sensitivity Information page to view information on Pizza Hut products that contain allergens and to view our Nutrition & Allergen Notice.

Our Ingredient Search tool provides a list of ingredients for each of our standard products. We hope this helps answer any questions you have!

We’re happy to offer Udi’s® Gluten-Free Crust at certain participating Pizza Hut restaurants. For more info, visit: