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Whether you love pepperoni, supreme, or just plain cheese, Pizza Hut has all your favorite pizza toppings. Score great deals on some of our all-time best crusts, like Original Stuffed Crust®, Thin ‘n Crispy®, or Original Pan®.

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Order Pizza Today!

Order Pizza Today!

Frequently asked questions

More than likely! We have over 6,000 pizza restaurants throughout the US. Check out our store locator to find your closest store and enjoy a piping-hot pizza straight to your door. No One Out Pizzas the Hut®!

That feeling when you open a hot box of melty pizza? Perfection. And now it’s just a finger tap away, thanks to the Pizza Hut app. All you have to do is add your ZIP and order from our closest pizza place near you. If you’re feeling creative, build your pie from the crust up. Pick your crust, sauce, toppings – and boom. It’s in the oven. If you’re just sticking with your go-to, that’s cool too. All our pizza restaurants have tons of delicious recipes to choose from.

You can’t have pizza without some sides to go with it. Make sure to add a side order of crispy-fried wings sauced to perfection. Or you could go with an order of soft, chewy breadsticks with marinara sauce for dipping. Whether you’re having a quiet evening on the couch or a family game night, we’ve got you covered with delicious pizza and all the fixings.

Pizza Hut is no ordinary pizza place. We have all your favorite crust types. Whether you’re craving our Original Stuffed Crust®, Thin ‘N Crispy®, or Original Pan®, we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve picked your perfect crust type, load it up with zesty marinara, melty cheese, and your choice of toppings like pepperoni, veggies, bacon, and more.