Pizza Hut is Open for CONTACTLESS Delivery, Carryout and Curbside Pickup

Pizza Hut is open and here to provide you contactless options to get your pizza any way you want it: delivery, carryout or curbside pickup. Simply ask a team member or select a contactless option during checkout at


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Looking for contactless delivery?

We’ll put your packaged order in a food-safe liner, and place it at the front of your door or in a designated delivery area, a gloved driver will ring the doorbell to alert you that your order arrived safely and back up to a safe distance allowing you to grab your order. Pay online and pre-tip during checkout for a more contactless experience. Your receipt will be inside the food safe liner.

Looking for contactless carryout?

A gloved team member will place your order on the counter for you to grab. Pay online during checkout for a more contactless experience. We’ve doubled down on our strict sanitizing processes and procedures including frequently cleaning our counters and credit card readers.

Looking for contactless curbside pickup?

Call us when you arrive and a gloved team member will bring your order out to your car to hand through the window or place in your open trunk. Pay online during checkout for a more contactless experience. Our process does not require you to sign the credit card receipt. However, you can verbally provide the team member the tip amount and we can add the tip to your credit card receipt.

Looking for more information on Pizza Hut's response to coronavirus? Check out our latest Covid-19 updates.